BobbI Stidham, CPM

Licensed Certified Professional Midwife

My name is Bobbi Jean Stidham and I have been wanting to deliver babies since I was a little girl. I really believe that I have a calling to be a guardian of birth.

I began my journey when I attended my first homebirth at the age of nineteen, and have traveled to reach this point for 38 years. I also have 4 beautiful daughters who were  all born at home and 5 grandchildren with a new little one on the way. I live here with my husband of 38 years and work with some wonderful women. Some of whom you will meet on your journey.

I believe birth flows from a small trickling stream and gathers as it rolls down and grows. Then, as it winds around and bends and twists, the waters are calm one time and white and rushing the next... but, it all ends in a surge when it reaches it's final destination at the deep ocean of love where a mother meets her new baby.

I truly believe that a woman has the right to choose with whom and how she gives birth.