Brittany Girton

Labor and Postpartum Doula, Midwife’s Assistant, Childbirth Educator

Credentials: Certified Labor Doula, Trained Postpartum Doula, Trained Childbirth Educator

I felt called to become a midwife in 2012 while serving in El Salvador. I witnessed a great need for more skilled health care professionals offering holistic care to women in their childbearing years. I believe a society full of confident young women and healthy mothers has invaluable worth and a reverberating, historical impact on the health of our human family.

I started my training in this field as a postpartum doula through NOVA Birth Services and have been serving families in this capacity since 2014. In 2016, I completed training as a labor doula with NOVA Birth Services. I have received formal education in maternal health and have been apprenticing under Certified Professional Midwife Heather Muñoz since August 2016. I have also spent time serving in El Salvador facilitating reproductive health seminars for adolescent girls. Since beginning my training, I have served well over 100 families in labor, delivery, and postpartum! 

I have experience in serving families with circumstances including planned and emergency cesarean births, clients on bed rest, home birth, birth center births, home birth transfers, high risk pregnancies, stillbirth, premature birth, planned inductions, preeclampsia, VBAC, HBAC, water births, single parents, teen parents, and refugee mothers. I am fluent in Spanish and have served families as a translator and doula as well.

I greatly look forward to marrying the love of my life, Willian Hernández, in May 2019. 

Continued Education and Training: Neonatal Resuscitation (2016, 2018), Maternal Health Program of the Institute for Global Outreach Developments Int’l (2015-2016), Vintage Remedies Aromatic Medicine Masterclass (2017), Beautiful Midwifery Conference (2018). 


My husband and I were uncertain about our need for a doula. We did not have a doula for the birth of our first daughter, but opted to bring a knowledgeable support person the second time around. Brittany made an amazing difference - she helped guide us with decisions whilst respecting medical advice, advocated for our preferences, and her suggestions helped enable the labor and delivery to go as smooth as possible. We could not have been more pleased and highly recommend Brittany and doula services for anyone considering this worthwhile investment. -Alana

She was incredibly helpful. My husband was grateful for her being in the room to offer suggestions for him. I was grateful for her suggestions as well, and thankful for her foot and back massages. Her presence was so comforting and she had an air about her that brought calmness to the room. Her energy was pleasant and exactly what I needed as the birth and the decisions I had to make were stressful. Having her there to encourage me through the toughest thing I've ever done in my life was invaluable. (She also captured the most precious photos we could have asked for, and for that I am eternally grateful!) -Jessica

Every bit of the wisdom she offered was important and valuable in helping me have the birth experience I was looking for. From exercises to sitting positions, we "trained" for birth and had a fabulous outcome. -Mom wished to remain anonymous

Our prenatals and Brittany’s calm attitude about birth was really assuring. Anytime you say "natural" birth you get either condemning comments about all medicines and medical intervention, or people who suggest there is no way that birthing without an epidural is possible.  For me, I feel like there was middle ground to be found with Brittany. Thank you, Brittany, for your open mind, simple suggestions and just calming presence. I know it wasn't at all according to plan, but you were very helpful to me. -Mom wished to remain anonymous

Brittany was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and kind. While she wasn’t there long enough to provide labor support, she was incredibly reassuring and calm when Celesta was unable to make it to the birth. She was fantastic stepping into the role as primary midwife when she arrived at our house with only minutes to spare before my daughter was born. -Shelby

Brittany did a fantastic job of stepping in immediately and providing a calming presence and hands. She came at a moment's notice in the middle of the night, walked through the door and was immediately offering her services. While my expectations were lots of physical support during early labor, she was very helpful offering encouragement, water, etc while I labored quickly in the tub. She even climbed into bed with me during the final pushing stages, held a mirror so I could watch, and cheered me on. I couldn't imagine my experience without her. She was amazing and I can't praise her enough! -Brianna

I thought Brittany was great. She knew all the medical information and made me feel at ease. My labor was incredibly fast so when she arrived at the hospital I had just given birth. I was bummed she missed it BUT! She was right at my side when I was getting my stitches and honestly that's all that I needed. She held my left hand for what seemed like an hour (at least) while I had the nitrous oxide pressed against my face with my right hand. She was my rock. She didn't try to talk with me right away or ask me questions. She could see I was tired, had adrenaline running through my body and just needed to get my hormones to calm down. My husband was busy doing skin to skin with our son, the nurses were running around moving wires, signing papers, typing on the computer, talking with the midwife etc.... and in the mean time I wasn't in any hurry to hold my baby, I was tired and coming down from the shock of how fast I had just given birth. Brittany was there and just stood holding my hand. I was SO GRATEFUL for her at that moment. She was exactly what I needed to feel centered after all the chaos. -Anonymous

When we got to our room she provided snacks - I was starving and gladly ate them :) And then she just allowed me to talk about how I felt about the birth, what my perspective was and how I felt before, during and after. She put no pressure on me to hold my baby (it took me a couple of hours to build up the desire) and just sat with a listening ear to me go on about how I felt. She was so sweet and she did her job well! -Sarah