“Women’s strongest feelings, in terms of their birthing, positive and negative, focus on the way they were treated by their caregivers.”
— Annie Kennedy & Penny Simkin
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What our clients are saying...

NOVA has made my two recent births a joy. I have been blessed with their kindness and professionalism which ensured me that I was in the best care. Every mom should have the kind of confidence that NOVA Birth extends to their clients. -Kimberly

{about midwifery care}

From my very first meeting with Celesta, I knew she was the right fit for us. Her laid back disposition coupled with her extensive knowledge put us completely at ease from day one. She, as well as the other ladies at NOVA, was completely respectful of our wishes during pregnancy and birth. I felt she provided us with the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding the entire process. She and Cannon, our wonderful doula, took exceptional care of us during delivery. The entire experience made me feel so empowered, and delivering our baby at home was nothing short of magical. -Rachelle
Heather Munoz brings together a rare combination: deep understanding of the medical field (RN), holistic knowledge of natural remedies, and a personality that puts you at ease and feeling empowered.  She was available to us via phone/text anytime before and after birth.  At our regularly scheduled appointments, we never felt rushed and we regularly spent more than 60 minutes going over all aspects of the pregnancy, for both mom and baby.  She has a great network and through it, we learned exercises to help prepare mom/baby for birth, along with finding a chiropractor that specializes in pregnancy pain.  During labor, she was truly a “rock” that led us through unexpected challenges and ensured a healthy/happy mom and baby resulted.  Put simply, our story would not have turned out as it did without Heather’s expertise and care.        -Ashley and Chad
I have thoroughly enjoyed using both of Nova's midwives for my past 2 births! My family has benefitted from their experience, kindness, and professionalism. They made me feel so safe and comfortable laboring and birthing in my own home. I really could not have done so well without their hands on support and helpful knowledge in varying moments of my births. I have happily added these women to my circle of people that I love and trust with mine and my baby's life. -Kim
Heather Munoz has been a crucial part of the happiness and love that I feel when remembering the births of my two children. Our youngest child presented in an asynclitic position, which I now know to be the number 1 cause of cesarean sections in hospital births. However, Heather and team expertly and lovingly monitored me as I worked to bring my child into the world. They were watchful, respectful, encouraging and most of all protective. With their help -- and only with their help -- I was indeed able to overcome the odds. I brought my healthy, happy, adorable little boy into my arms at home, complete with a cone on his head (that quickly faded) as his recompense for being squeezed into life from his difficult stance. -Anna

{from the dads}

I really learned A LOT!!  I had my doubts about "birthing class" but I enjoyed my time here.  Megan was great!  I liked that she encouraged and appreciated discussion. -Dennis
Excellent service. I have utilized NOVA birth services for both of my children. I will definitely use them again. -John
My wife and I were hooked after the first day of classes. We enjoyed our instructor and her dedication to providing a healthy birth experience for us. She put to rest a lot of the myths surrounding birth and informed us of our options for birthing positions, breathing techniques, educational resources, and even birth planning. It was an interactive experience we wont forget! We were impressed, and even somewhat shocked to learn all that surrounds the birth process from pregnancy to postpartum. I highly recommend NOVA and their talented and loving support team.
NOVA did an excellent job of educating us through the birth process. They handled each of our questions with sensitivity and patience and were wonderful with each step of our process. My wife and I couldn't have asked for more. I couldn't imagine what birth would have been without them. I'm glad we don't have to. -Andrew

{childbirth classes}

I loved the class and it helped my husband a lot. It connected us and prepared us well for birth! -Ellie
Awesome class!  I learned so much. I was happiest to learn about anatomy and physiology along with practical birth positions, tips etc.  Amazing stuff!           -Client's name withheld 
Our instructor was enthusiastic, compassionate and seemed very experienced.  The Childbirth Essentials Course helped open my eyes to the benefits of a doula.   -Client's name withheld             
We loved NOVA! My husband and I attend the child birth classes with Elise and she was fantastic! Even with this being our 2nd child (first natural birth) we learned so much from her. I hated I didn't take the class before our first child was born. I highly recommend NOVA. -Destuny 
As first time parents, childbirth education classes with Celesta Bargatze were essential to helping my husband and I feel prepared for the “unknown” of birth. Learning about the physical and emotional phases of birth helped us both understand where I was at when the big moment finally arrived. I went from having so many questions looming before me to feeling confident that I would be able to do what millions of women before me have done. Becoming educated about my body empowered us to become active participants in my birth experience and make informed decisions about my care and also the care of our newborn daughter. -Anna
I had a great time in our NOVA birthing classes, and our monitrice Heather Munoz was great. Thank you for everything!!!  Alexa
My husband and I just had our first baby in February 2014. We have a lot of friends who've had great experiences with NOVA, so we knew exactly who we'd be calling when it was our turn. We took the Childbirth Essentials Course and hired a Labor Doula. Our expectations were exceeded in every way. The classes were informative, relevant, and enjoyable, and I can't imagine birth without my doula! When it comes to mommas and babies, I wouldn't go with anyone else! -Brynn
I have utilized the services that NOVA offers for all three of my pregnancies. We received so much education on the birth process that removed fears that I had. This education contributed to three successful natural birth experiences! -Lyssa
We were happy to have Elise come to our home for classes. It was a nice way to get to know each other and receive WONDERFUL and empowering information. The education made all the difference for us. About 75% of the info that Elise shared with us was completely new to us! She was also our doula and did wonderful. We don't want to have a baby without her!-Heidi
We had to start having class at our home because I was put on bedrest, so I missed the interaction with peers. However, I loved the one-on-one attention and time with our instructor, Megan.  She was an awesome educator, very flexible and understanding of our situation! -Kristen
Megan always took time to let us ask questions.  She was very patient and always gave thoughtful responses. She is very knowledgable and able to convey it to those who are not. -Wes

{on VBAC}

We rocked a VBAC with the outstanding help of our NOVA doula! I truly could not have had the incredible, redeeming and empowering birth I had without her!
The VBAC course gave me the strength and courage to deal with my past birth and prepare for my next one.
Celesta was very well-educated on the subject, and offered several therapeutic ideas.  She was so calm and caring that our sessions felt like an intimate counseling session. She really helped us process the first birth of our son. -Client's name withheld

{from the grandmas}

I only have the highest praise for the doulas at NOVA Birth Services. My daughter has had a NOVA doula at her last 4 births. They have become more like one of the family. Their total devotion, regardless of schedules, has greatly surpassed the expectations anyone could ask for. They are such a wonderful resource during the postpartum weeks and their positive attitude and wealth of information really make a difference. They worked with my daughter, never dictating, but always supporting her wants and style of birthing. During delivery, they have a calm confidence and immediately address her needs which allows her to focus on delivering my precious grandchildren. I highly recommend them. -Cindy


{a word on doulas}

The emotional support Elise provided for me was priceless. She did counter pressure massage (which felt awesome), created ambiance for the room, and even helped me realize how far along I was going from transition to pushing. I was freaking out before she spoke the very calming words, "Your baby is almost here." She was really there for me- both emotionally and physically." -Jaime

Heather Munoz served as my monitrice, with the assistance of Megan Fleeman, and I could have not asked for a better birth team. Their sensitivity and willingness to serve new mothers in the birth process is unmatched. I will never have a baby without the help of NOVA. -Steph

Tara Garner was my doula for the birth of my firstborn daughter, Luciana. Throughout the labor process, she was extremely helpful. She came right to my house when I needed her, and stayed with me at the hospital until after the birth. My husband was able to be my labor coach while Tara ran tedious errands to meet my needs. She made me feel so comfortable through such a vulnerable situation. She has also had a lot of experience with photography. She captured many photographs for us that are exceptional. You will not be disappointed in her services! -Heather

With the birth of all of my children, I was so blessed with the support of their doula services during and after my labors. Heather Munoz and Tori Roufs were by my side encouraging me and meeting my needs both physically through massage and mentally, helping me to cope with pain.  Our third child was born in September of 2012 and NOVA joined us for our first home birth. I recommend the birth pool-I was able to birth my child in the water! This greatly decreased the pain and even assisted my overall recovery! -Lyssa

I felt incredibly encouraged and supported by Meg Mathews. I am so excited to have her at my next birth and I feel so blessed to have her as part of my life now.  She became a friend I could trust and always felt immensely encouraged by her kindness. -Client's name withheld

My birth was so quick, but Elise helped me in whatever realm I needed (holding my legs during pushing, providing counter pressure for my back, and heating up my rice bag). Something I expressed I needed with this birth (that I didn't have with my last baby), was words of encouragement. When remembering the birth, I can still hear her positive voice." -Amanda

Tori kept me calm in the moments up to the C-Section.  She was at my home bright and early, all smiles, and kept the mood light and peaceful throughout the morning, utilizing massage lotions and aromatherapy. -Client's name withheld

Megan Fleeman’s calming voice, presence and knowledge of birth made me comfortable and confident in myself and my ability to birth my baby naturally. She was available to discuss questions or concerns that I had. I enjoyed learning in our childbirth classes. I am thankful she educated my husband on how to help me. I felt calmer knowing I had an advocate/voice to speak on my behalf during birth.  Her agreeable nature and support was like nothing I have ever been used to. Most people force their opinions but she wanted whatever I wanted! -Client's name withheld

Tara helped put order and peace into my life at this time. She wanted me to have the birth that I desired. I decided to switch doctors 36 weeks into my pregnancy, and Tara helped me in choosing one that supported my birthing preferences. When the day finally came I felt confident. Five hours after my water broke I decided to get an epidural. Tara was by my side through out my entire labor with unbelievable compassion. Tara has a passion for women in this special time of their lives. Also, I have amazing pictures! -Amanda

My husband and I were able to have the birth we wanted and we couldn’t have done it without our NOVA doula. As our childbirth educator and labor support, she provided the support and encouragement we both needed. She will always be a part of our memories of the birth of our first child. -Client's name withheld

Megan Fleeman was a great fit for me. I loved having a doula to discuss any doctor or hospital concerns. She listened and responded exactly as I needed. My OB even commented about how great she was during labor and delivery. -Client's name withheld

Heather was very supportive and listened to our needs.  When the birth time came, Heather helped with productive positions to get the baby aligned properly.  She stayed with us throughout the birth and recovery.  We are very grateful Heather was with us for the birth of our son. -Leslie

{first time parents}

Having an experienced, educated, enthusiastic woman by my side was key to my birth experience. Heather Munoz’s presence allowed my husband and I both to relax and experience the miracle of birth knowing that we were not alone. -Anna
My labor and postpartum experience would not have been what it was without my childbirth education classes, doula and postpartum doula from NOVA. They were exceptional... anticipating needs I didn't even know I would have as a first time mom! They were so sensitive to my preferences while still offering educational support and advocacy for my situation.
- Alison
My husband and I began meeting with Tara at about 25 weeks along, both clueless to how this miraculous thing called giving birth happened.   Tara would always affirm me with extreme excitement, “Your body was made to do this Grace!  Your body was made for this!” And it is so true. My husband and I felt so empowered by knowing exactly what my body was going through when my labor had started. It was the best experience of my life!!!!!  The preparation I had with Tara is so special to me.  I tell everyone I couldn’t have done it without my doula, and I mean it! -Grace

{on birth pools}

NOVA made the process of acquiring a birth pool so easy which was a huge relief when checking off my pre-birth To-Do list. The staff of NOVA were also a great part of my experience. They were friendly and caring which is so refreshing in today's busy world. Thank you! -Alicia
NOVA was AMAZING to work with - such a blessing. The receptionist always returned my calls right away and everyone was so warm and caring!  Thank you for what you are doing NOVA! -Rachel
Working with NOVA was such a pleasure! They made everything so easy and answered all of my questions quickly. -Jessica
NOVA has made my two recent births a joy.  I have been blessed with their kindness and professionalism which ensured me that I was in the best of care.  Every mom should have the kind of confidence that NOVA Birth extends to their clients. -Kimberly

{on adoption}

I’ll be honest – at first, I was skeptical that someone who had not given birth could give the kind of education and birth support I thought this young woman would need.  I could not have been more wrong.  Megan offered so much valuable knowledge through our classes, and we loved having all our information presented in a binder we could make our own and refer back to.  In a situation that was extremely outside the norm (it’s pretty unique for an adoptive mom to be the birthmother’s labor coach), Megan was so helpful and flexible and understanding of our unique relationship.  It was especially helpful to have our post-partum and newborn care classes conducted separately, since that is how we would be after the birth.  Megan went above and beyond to care for this amazing, brave young woman both before and after the birth, offering a friendship I could not. She partnered with my husband and I to pray for and support her emotional and physical healing. “Megandoula”, as I call her, joined our adoption journey, provided crucial information and support at a vulnerable time, and did so with a confidence that was both impressive and calming.  She will always be a member of our family! -Client's name withheld