Hope for Refugee & Teen Families

Join us in a unified collaboration striving to empower and support teen and refugee families in pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period through a humanizing presence and care. 


Meet Thi PAw!


She has 6 children; 4 were born naturally in a refugee camp; one was born at home in Malaysia with a midwife and one was born at Vanderbilt after she took a childbirth class with NOVA birth service volunteers and had a NOVA volunteer doula support her in labor. She said she felt so empowered after learning about childbirth in the class. She wished she had this information for her first five births, but now she can help other moms. She had never heard of a doula, but she now sees that every mother should have a doula and she hopes she can help her friends in this way now that she has seen the benefit it was to her in labor.

Thank you Nova, for loving my family! - Thi Paw

Help meet a need by volunteering with refugee moms. Join us as we serve them during pregnancy, labor and birth, and parenting their new babies.




Advocate Through...


Giving Supplies

• Nursing Bras (Unused)
• Peri Bottles
• Tucks Pads
• Maxi Pads
• Diapers
• Boppies
• Postpartum Herbs
• Sitz Baths
• Postpartum Underwear (Unused)
• Towels
• Sheets
• Swaddle blankets
• Burp Cloths
• 0-6 month clothing

Donated items can be dropped off or mailed to:

401 Center Street, Ste. 119
Old Hickory, TN 37138


$30 Postpartum Kit

$50 Sponsor a Teen
or Refugee Mom’s Childbirth Education

...and more! 

Contact us below or Mail donations to:

401 Center Street, Ste. 119
Old Hickory, TN 37138


• Labor or Postpartum Doula Service(s) (training required)

• Transportation Assistance (to prenatal and postpartum
medical appointments and childbirth classes) 

• Other (donation organization, educational endeavors, or other ways you would like to be involved)