Attached at the Heart with Barbara Nicholson

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Attached at the Heart with Barbara Nicholson


While it is understood that there is no such thing as perfect parenting, research suggests that there is a strong correlation between a heightened sense of respect, empathy and affection in those children raised by “attachment parenting” principles. Participants will gain insight into instinctive childrearing while learning to trust the intuitive knowledge of their child and build a strong foundation that will strengthen the parent-child bond. 

 Class participants will learn:

- Important facts you need to know before and after having your baby

- Strategies to strengthen the emotional bond with your child

- How to be a more conscious parent with your child

- New information to help you make informed decisions

- How raising your child with empathy and respect can positively affect society

- Why attachment is critically important for the family and society

-Cultural myths about parenting 

- Hands on strategies and activities for dealing with every day challenges and more!

Class Fee $150 includes: Lessons that includes interactive presentations, videos, Activities, Take-home parenting tips and parent handouts, Opportunities to meet other parents and share in your parenting journey, refreshments and more!

About the Instructor

Barbara Nicholson is co-founder of Attachment Parenting International (API) and has served as President of the Board of Directors of API for 15 years. In addition to her facilitating breastfeeding and parent support groups for 27 years, she also carries a degree specializing in learning disabilities and is trained as a Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM). Barbara is the mother of four grown sons and lives with her husband, here in Nashville.