Supplements in Pregnancy

Supplements in Pregnancy

Adding a regime of popping pills daily - while pregnant - may seem counterintuitive. It would be so very nice if our food provided all the nutrition we needed, but sadly that is rarely the case. Unless you eat an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables daily from your own organically thriving garden, then you, like most Americans, need to supplement in order to prevent deficiency.

3 Travel Tips

With each holiday season comes travel. And, those long trips can create challenges for pelvic health. Sitting for long periods of time causes tension, pain, poor circulation and weakness, especially during pregnancy. Here are 3 solutions for more comfortable travel and a healthier pelvic floor, hips, and spine. Arrive at your destination feeling good instead of stiff and sore!

After the birth

postpartum care

It really happened. You gave birth to YOUR baby! And, it's starting to set in that you are needed in a brand new, special way. Your newborn is, in a word: captivating. You live from moment to moment, and sometimes, you forget what YOU need. RECOVERY. Embracing the postpartum period is not selfish, but rather, necessary to the overall health family.  

What can you do before birth to have a smoother postpartum transition? 

  • Get familiar with what your baby's needs will be. 
    • Select a care provider for your baby.
    • Collect immediate necessities for baby (diapers, wipes, clothes) and create a convenient baby care 'station'.  
    • During pregnancy, read a book on infant care and one on breastfeeding.
  • Gather breastfeeding supplies.
    • Nursing bras, breast pads, an ointment (coconut oil, olive oil, etc.) for nipples, and a breast pump
    • Ask your doula or find contact info for local breastfeeding support consultants + groups
  • Organize help for you and your family's needs.
    • In order to reduce standing time in the kitchen- make a few meals before the birth and freeze them; ask extended family and friends to do a postpartum meal train
    • In order to get as much rest as possible-
      • Arrange childcare for older siblings- ask close friends and extended family to help you by having your older children go on special playdates during the week or 2 immediately following birth (or first week or 2 at home from the hospital) 

More Resources for your 'fourth trimester'

Special Announcement

Introducing another option in Midwifery Care to Middle Tennessee families: Licensed Certified Professional Midwives, Heather Munoz and Celesta Bargatze! NOVA’s full-spectrum care paradigm was birthed through the complementary collaboration of midwives, doulas, educators, and lactation counselors working together toward one shared objective: to ensure families receive humanized care during one of the most vulnerable and impactful seasons of life. 
{Accepting clients with April 2016 & later due dates}
For more information please visit our midwifery page here.