Heather Muñoz RN, CPM

President of the Tennessee midwives association, Registered Nurse, licensed CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL MIDWIFE, labor monitrice, nrp instructor

Credentials: Registered Nurse, Trained Labor Doula, Labor Monitrice, Certified Neonatal Resuscitation Instructor, Licensed Certified Professional Midwife

I developed a love for maternal and newborn health in 2002 as I witnessed firsthand the suffering and lack of nutrition of women and children in East Africa. I became a Registered Nurse in 2004 and have had experience in Medical/Surgical, Postpartum and Nursery units. I have the opportunity to serve low-income and refugee/immigrant population with the Vanderbilt Midwives in Nashville. In 2006, I began my training to become a Certified Professional Midwife and now serve families in Middle Tennessee as a licensed CPM-TN. I serve with NOVA as a labor doula and Monitrice (a doula experienced in clinical skills) because I recognize that women deserve to be empowered through education and have a supportive advocate throughout labor in order to have the best possible outcomes. I’ve been married for 11 years and have 5 children - 2 daughters, 3 sons, including twin boys!  My children are my inspiration to assist women into a healthy season of motherhood.

Continued Educational Experience and Training: Breech Birth Workshop with Anne Frye (2007), Midwifery Today Conference (2010), Midwifery Alliance of North America Sapling Award Winner (2010), Midwifery Volunteerism in Developing Countries Seminar with Vicky Penwell (2011), Midwives of North America Conference (2011), Neonatal Instructor Certification (2013), Optimal Fetal Positioning Workshop with Gail Tully (2014), Vanderbilt's S.T.A.B.L.E Course (2014), Midwifery Today Conference, (2015).