Katie Dunning

Labor Doula 

Credentials: Bachelor's of Organizational Communication, Certified Labor Doula

Over 6 years supporting families as a certified labor doula, and I'm still in awe of the courage, perseverance and dedication mothers show during labor and those first few months of motherhood. It awakens something special in women---our faith, our grit strength, our overflowing love. I believe that no matter the circumstances that birth may present, all women deserve to receive dignifying care and unwavering emotional, physical and informational support. My personal birth and postpartum experiences compelled me to pursue continued education in the areas of birth trauma, cesarean recovery, birth advocacy and storytelling. I am married to my husband Mark, and we have two children, son Earnest Rainier and daughter Edith Rebecca. I also volunteer as the local ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) Chapter Secretary.

Continued Education and Training: Washington Midwives Association Annual Conference (2007-2011), Taylor Broggie’s Pelvic Floor Workshop (2014), Stand on Your Rights Nashville: Demystifying Legal Rights in Childbirth and How to Use Them (2014), Empower Your Birth Conference (Nashville, 2014-2015), Healing Birth Trauma Conference (2015), International Cesarean Awareness Network Conference: Forging Paths for Better Birth (2016), Spinning Babies Workshop (2016).